Non-Competition Agreements

Non-competition issues arise in a variety of ways. I regularly counsel businesses that are considering hiring an employee with an existing non-compete agreement about the scope, restrictions and likely enforceability of the agreement. In this way, the business can make a fully informed decision about hiring the individual, including any associated legal risks arising out of the non-compete agreement. Sometimes it makes sense to reach out to the company with the non-compete to work out in advance a process by which a client is able to hire an individual and the former employer feels assured that its interests are being protected, without having to resort to litigation.

I also represent businesses who have been sued for violating a non-compete agreement, or for tortiously interfering with a business relationship, by hiring an employee with an existing non-compete.

Further, I have experience in filing lawsuits, including applications for temporary restraining orders, on behalf of businesses in order to enforce a non-compete agreement between the business and a former employee.

Finally, I frequently draft non-compete and/or non-solicitation agreements for businesses that need to protect some aspect of their business, such as customer base or intellectual property, from unfair competition.

Please contact me if your business requires legal assistance in connection with a non-competition agreement.