Employment Discrimination and Workplace Harassment

The most common employment claims faced by employers involve some type of employment discrimination and/or workplace harassment. I have experience in handling nearly every type of discrimination and/or harassment claim, at both the agency level and in court, including those based on age, gender, national origin, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation and sexual harassment.

One of the more rewarding aspects of my counseling practice is that it enables me to sensitize businesses to legal issues, such as potential employment discrimination and/or harassment claims that could arise. By recognizing legal risks and being proactive, companies may be able to avoid claims or, where a claim is inevitable, place themselves in the most defensible position possible. I spend a significant amount of time talking clients through planned employment actions, in an effort to identify legal risks and avoid or minimize them wherever possible.

Please contact me to find out how you can best protect your company against employment discrimination and workplace harassment claims, or if your company is currently facing such a claim.