Employment Agreements, Change in Control Agreements, Separation Agreements and Severance Agreements

I regularly partner with clients to draft executive employment agreements, including change in control agreements. These are often complex documents, and issues such as whether to include non-competition and or non-solicitation provisions, the required scope of any such restrictive covenants, addressing potential tax issues under IRS Code 409A, the amount of any severance provisions and what will trigger payment must be thoroughly discussed and evaluated. I partner with clients to learn their business, the nature of the position the agreement will cover, and the types of assets and information the business needs to protect.

I also routinely draft severance and separation agreements for clients, ensuring that the client obtains a legally enforceable release in exchange for the severance payment. This is often an option I counsel clients to consider when they are faced with a termination that, although based on a legitimate business reason, may present legal risks.

Please contact me if your business requires assistance in drafting an executive employment contract, change in control agreement, severance agreement or separation agreement.